It all started with a problem we couldn't ignore... 


Thousands of people of all ages and their families facing paralysis all over the world who were unaware of their potential to live a fulfilling life. Statistics of unemployment, poverty and depression for this population are dismal at best...


BUT we had an idea to fix it! 


Network these people online and let them share what they've learned with others via user-generated videos and organize them by mobility so it's easy for people to navigate... 


 ...and SPINALpedia was born! 


Too many people's fates were up to chance. Lucky you if you were near to a big city or a good hospital, but what if you lived in a rural area? What if no one in your town, state, or even country was in a similar situation? 


Why not give a way for the EXPERTS, the people who have already gone through adapting to paralysis, a way to share what they already learned and reach more people than ever before


SPINALpedia makes it possible for a quadriplegic in one place to share a 30 second video about how to hold a cup and reach the home of anyone with an internet connection- from the UK to Bhutan, India to Australia-- we connect, we learn, we adapt. 

All it takes is an awareness of what's possible and the information to get there.


"See it. Believe it. Do it."

Meet the founder:  



picture of josh basile


Josh Basile is a C4-5 quadriplegic, who after a swimming injury in 2004 went on to found the Determined2heal Foundation, a foundation dedicated to helping newly injured individuals find the information they need.

In 2007, he co-founded, a site highlighting user-generated videos by people with SCI, to help injured individuals and to support those who make these videos and selfishly bring their helpful tips, advice and insight to the masses.

  SPINALpedia envisions a world where people with paralysis enjoy life and are active members of society. By helping more people adapt faster, we can change the negative perceptions of disability by demonstrating what people CAN do.


Will you join us? 

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