Name: Jamie Duplechine

Gender: Female
Age: 38
Location: United States,  Louisiana, Lafayette
Relation to injured: Person Injured
Level of injury: C4, C5, Incomplete, Quadriplegic
Date of injury: Jul 21, 1995

Functionality Tags:
Partial arm function, no finger function, no trunk control, no leg function and unable to walk.

Non-Profit Affiliation(s):
Ms. Wheelchair Louisiana
United Spinal Association
Bridge Ministries of Acadiana
Brain Injury Association of Louisiana

Background Info:

I was injured when I was only 15… A very rebellious teenager, I was. I longed to be accepted and to feel loved by my peers, which is what most teenagers want, right?? Well, my friends allowed me to drive a vehicle without a license… It wasn't...

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