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Personal Care > Bathing/washing > Be a PCA! What do PCAs mean to you?


From: theophania79
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Description: Personal Care Assistant awareness. Be a PCA! What, Why and How. Hear from Ben, Ivy and Rob. They depend on PCAs each day. Be a PCA! video testimony transcript Ben my name's ben. i'm a paraplegic C2-3. So i depend on PCAs, they're like a lifeline to me. without them i couldn't be able to get dressed and cleaned and up in my chair where i can get out and enjoy the day and get to meet people. They help me when i work, they help me when i volunteer, they drive me there. They come help me with my meals meals and basically they're my every need. i can not do anything. i just move my arm and elbow a little bit. they feed me, they take me places, when i get a phone call they put it up to my ear. they help me get on my computer, my PCA does because i use a laptop so i need somebody to set it up in front of me, give me my stick in my mouth and help me use the buttons and everything. But without a PCA i would be in my bed at all times it's somewhere i wouldn't want to be because i know a couple people that are in nursing homes that have given up on life because they couldn't make it on the outside world and it's something you got to keep fighting for. They're something you gotta have. Like i said in the beginning, they are my lifeline. Without them i just could not do anything. so it's my every whim that they take care of. With out them i don't know what we'd do. so PCAs they need better pay because the better pay you get the better choice you have and then wider selection because not every CNA PCA in my words, is not good quality. because some of them think it's just a job where they can go sit, but there's others where you do find a good one that becomes someone you have to trust and have on your side 24/7 to help you out. so i hope this helps with your project. Ivy A good PCA allows me to do things i want to do in my home and in my community such as get a job, go to college, go to the pool, and volunteer. A good PCA to me is somebody that's on time, that is respectful, and professional, and open-minded and flexible. Rob Personal care is an extension of my hands and feet which provides my independence on a daily basis. without that assistances my freedoms are taken away from me. but as long as i have that assistance on a on going basis i get to enjoy all the freedoms that everybody in the world does. basically is a corroboration two entities coming together and forming one unit. From there the independence thrives and we become better equipped for what society has to offer us.

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