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Stories > Experiences > Mobile Mentors - Improving Global Access to Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation


From: SPINALpedia
Joined: 08/21/2009
Videos: 3173

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Added: 04/04/2015
Member Status: Power Mentor

Description: Provide feedback and help make Mobile Mentors become a reality! I am in the process of applying for funds and building a founding team to begin in 2015. Click below to take a potential user / collaborator feedback survey for refining the idea: About Me - I was 19 when I fell from a 70 ft. cliff in northern India, becoming a c5/6 complete quadriplegic. I have spent the last 9 years volunteering in India as a peer-mentor. See for more information. Description of the Problem and Concept: Every year around the world some 400,000, mostly young adults, suffer a spinal cord injury (SCI) . Neither the specialized knowledge nor even the vision of independent living is available to those in the developing world. Eighty-seven percent of the 250,000 Americans living with SCI have been treated in non-model hospitals and decreased inpatient periods mean more patients discharged without the skills to improve their independence and remain healthy . Internet access can mean the difference between complete isolation and access to a wealth of knowledge, yet existing online resources are limited in their ability to offer users timely and practical rehabilitation guidance and peer-support. Users include patients with SCI, their families, and therapists – especially those who must provide services with little to no experience with SCI rehabilitation. Imagine an organization that creates, maintains, and globally distributes an online rehabilitation curriculum and offline smartphone app that provides the prognosis, treatment, and examples of successful outcomes for all types of SCI at a glance. Mobile Mentors recruits SCI peer mentors – both certified and informal – to submit demonstration videos of their own rehabilitation process. These are then incorporated by professional therapists into an outline of rehabilitation steps accompanied by precautions and demonstrations of related exercises. The curriculum structure actively guides users from their self-identified position in the rehabilitation process to their end therapy goal of maximum independence according to their specific type of SCI. As users progress through the curriculum, they can submit videos of their progress and variations of completed steps, essentially duplicating the course material from their own context and adding their own nuanced perspective. In this way, users from different regions and eventually different languages can assist in transforming Mobile Mentors into a truly global resource. Additional Features: - Two peer-rating systems for submitted videos: one by general users, the other by experienced and institution-verified therapists. - Top-rated and curated content downloadable to a mobile app for “offline” use. - Website and app chatroom for instant messaging between registered users viewing the same material and contributing mentors. - Highlighted profiles of certified peer-mentors, and opportunities for certification. Mobile Mentors can help SCI-related organizations maximize their impact by: - Providing therapists a visual tool to communicate the design, importance, and effectiveness of therapy goals to patients and family members. - Enabling mentors to provide remote guidance to users within a rehabilitation setting, which might otherwise pose hospital liability concerns. - Connecting users directly to mentors and instantly to their expertise. - Recruiting users to participate in existing mentoring programs.

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